Frequently asked questions

Purchase and Delivery

We accept payment via all major credit cards, debit cards, and payments through PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Facebook Pay. Your payment information is securely processed through Shopify, or Pulse Audio should you choose to make the transaction there.

Sales tax is not collected on any products.

All of our instruments are provided as digital downloads. They are downloaded via an app called Pulse Downloader (or just Pulse for short). Pulse is used by many music software developers; with a Pulse account, all your purchases from multiple developers are stored in the cloud. This allows you to access your purchases from any computer without logging into our site (or any other developer's website.) It's fast, easy, and works on both Mac and PC.

Pulse does not work like authorization systems like iLok, and does not need to remain installed in order to run any libraries that have been downloaded through it. It is recommended to keep it installed, however, to have easy access to updates.

No problem. Just log in to our User Account area to view all your previous licenses. If you haven't already registered them in the Pulse Downloader app, you'll want to register your Product Codes there. Then, you can simply open the Pulse app from any computer to re-download your purchases.

Due to the digital nature of our products, we unfortunately cannot offer refunds once you’ve downloaded a library. This is a policy common to almost all sample library developers. If you have purchased a product in error and have not yet downloaded it, please contact us and we can take care of it. And as always, if you have any questions about the compatibility, features, capabilities, or limitations of any specific library, please don’t hesitate to ask us before you order!


1. Install the Pulse Downloader application if you don’t already have it. Pulse is a cross-platform desktop app that lets you download and install your libraries with great speed from anywhere in the world.
2. Once Pulse is installed, open it and enter your product code. Follow the instructions to download and install the library.
3. No further registration or activation is needed. Load up one of the instrument NKIs in Kontakt via the Files browser, or by dragging and dropping from your OS. It is recommended at this point to save as a quick-load instrument, for easy access in the future.

This means you need to update your version of Kontakt. Ethereal Drums requires version 5.7.1 of the full version of Kontakt or later to run- you can update your copy from the Native Instruments Service Center application.

Ethereal Drums is not a Kontakt Player library, and therefore cannot be added using Add Library.

Ethereal Drums is not Kontakt Player compatible, and it is not activated in Native Access. Simply load the instrument NKI files from Kontakt's browser by drag-and-dropping or double-clicking. You can also add the files to Kontakt's Quickload or Database.

System Requirements

Ethereal Drums is not Kontakt Player compatible. It requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher.

Currently, Ethereal Drums is only offered for the full retail version of Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher. If there are other platforms you would like to see it available for, let us know!

Your mileage may vary, but Ethereal Drums has been optimized to require a minimum footprint of 1.57 GB RAM to run, and take up 10gb of hard drive space. Having at least 4GB of RAM and a CPU that is up to Kontakt's official specs is recommended as a baseline.

License agreement

No. All sales are final and all licenses are non-transferrable.

Yes, as long as you are the one using the instruments on those computers. If you have a studio machine shared by multiple people, multiple licenses must be obtained.

Yes, but with caveats: You cannot upload unaltered sounds to stock SFX libraries or marketplaces like Audiojungle or Audiosparx, nor can you use isolated stems/unaltered sounds in the creation of commercial loop libraries. Please refer to the license agreement for additional clarification, but essentially: you are purchasing an unlimited license to use the sounds in our libraries for the purpose of composition- directly reselling the raw sounds of those libraries to other people is not allowed.

Yes, except in cases where you sell library music on a marketplace, and you offer the music in stems; no stem can consist of isolated sounds from our libraries. They must be in the context of other instruments.


The only places to currently acquire any instruments from Ethereal Audio are through this website, or Pulse Downloader. If you see our products being sold on eBay or by any other merchant, they are not legitimate and likely selling pirated copies. Do not purchase from them and please contact us to report it.