License Agreement

Copyright and License Agreement

License Agreement

Ethereal Audio LLC ("Ethereal Audio") is an online retailer selling virtual instrument products. The term “Source Code” means the combination of text and other characters comprising the content, both viewable and nonviewable, of the software, programming language, protocol or functional content, as well as any successor languages or protocols. Pre-recorded sounds, samples and loops (“Sound Files”), digital images (“Digital Images”), software files (“Software Files”), and Source Code comprise the products that Ethereal Audio sells. Together, the Sound Files, Software Files, Digital Images and Source Code are the “Products”.

Any person or entity ("User" or "You") who makes a purchase of any Ethereal Audio Product must agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of this End User License Agreement ("License”). The following License is granted non-exclusively to all purchasers of Ethereal Audio products. This version supersedes (updated March 15, 2022) all previous printed or digital versions of our License.


All rights not expressly granted to the User are reserved. All Sound Files, Software Files, and Source Code contained in this Product are the intellectual property of Ethereal Audio except where explicitly indicated. When you purchase any Ethereal Audio Product, you are purchasing a non-exclusive license for use of the Product.

The License is granted only to the User. You may use it on as many computers as you personally have access to. Only the User may use the product. You may not rent, lease, license, lend, sell, transfer, distribute, duplicate, or copy any part of the Product. The License is non-transferable.

You may not use or distribute isolated Sound Files from the Product in any derivative context, including hardware sample playback devices, romplers, or sample playback software, including other Kontakt libraries. You may not use the Product for the creation of sample libraries, "loop libraries," sound effect libraries, or creation of any other virtual instrument product or service based on the isolated Sound Files contained herein. You may not reverse engineer or attempt to extract the Source Code of the Product, in the creation of any other virtual instrument product or use in any other commercial context. You may use the Sound Files in any legitimate musical composition, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without owing royalties or copyright credit to Ethereal Audio. You may use the Product to create individual sound effects for use in media for commercial or non-commercial purposes. You are entitled to use the Product within the scope of performance, recording, composition, and sound design. If you have any questions, please contact us via

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